In this blog I document all about my work,inspiration,influences in fashion, visual arts,society and travel with the aim to celebrate Africa and MENA region and put morocco in the contemporary map, and be able to set new trends, promoting Moroccan artistry and multi influences heritage as well as presenting new designs to the world.

chkon ghitta?
Born and raised in morocco, my fascination with craft began at a young age while living in countryside! After studying fine arts and fashion design in 2007, I ventured into freelance by collaborating with other designers in parallel having masterclasses in textile,fashion design and fashion entrepreneurship. It was in 2015 that I decided to embark on entrepreneurship and to devote to establish my own brand and constantly work to develop,improve products and designs.

About the brand

As a brand, “Ghitta laskrouif” is remarkable due to the fact of being environmentally an innovative project,it stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to supporting the cultural value of moroccan craftsmanship, a way to merge high fashion with community artistry, creating pieces that are meaningful and have sustainable impact.

strong Brand Identity
The brand have a spirit of mixture of cultures infused with different artistic currents and urban pragmatism,to create vitamined and refined products based on an upcycling and handmade process for an active generation, This led to a mutually rewarding collaboration with local artisans !

brand Impact:

i’m proud to be working with the local NGO, It is integral to me to make a positive change; not only environmentally, but socially. community and local promotion are a very important axe of the brand ! I'm devoting my time and knowledge on promoting heritage as well as contributing to empower marginalised women and women artisans through an associative project (designlab ) by helping them to develop their creativity,artisanal products and network.

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