Slow,handmade,upcycled, timeless 


Chno dakchi ?
Imagine the new with the ancient by fitting into the local and global culture.The Culture of Morocco has changed throughout Moroccan history, Morocco has hosted many peoples, in addition to the indigenous Berbers,coming from the East Phoenicians, Arabs, South (Sub-Saharan African), and North (Romans, Andalusians both Muslims and Jewish). Morocco also has many dresses like the caftan which is worn worldwide today but also many other different styles ,costumes colors and crafts less known!!

Ghitta laskrouif is a moroccan self named up-cycling streetwear couture brand that provides new life and new value to the discarded products and deadstock textile with a moroccan twist to celebrate heritage and reduce waste, By using Moroccan symbols and references
shifted away from prejudices and differences to create an artisanal clothes line both functional and feminine for an active generation.

Chkon "Ghitta Laskrouif" ?
Ghitta is 31 years old moroccan designer Coming from a background in fine arts and fashion design, as well as coming from a traditional family that is particulary skilled in crafts,Ghitta was always set to create something unique and full of character. After graduating from fashion design in 2007, Ghitta ventured into freelance work, collaborating with other designers, as well as studying and researching textiles . It was in 2015 that she took the leap and launched a brand of her very own.
She is a switchmed(mediterenean change makers ) laureate 2015,(FEP ) Netherlands 2016 and openmymed MFP 2016 laureate.


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Slow, handmade, timeless.

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