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Dalgona, (Korean: 달고나커피) has taken the internet by storm! this coffee trend is approximately the same as “Nouss -nouss” (means literally half -half ) ,Although Morocco doesn't have a coffee culture, like in other parts of the world, it's common to see men drinking it in a coffee shop! locals order two kinds of coffee, either Coffee Noir or Nous Nous. 

Café Noir is a cup of espresso. Nous-Nous is made from half milk, half espresso! You can order it but You will not find the name in the menu :) 

personally I don't drink raw milk and i like more the strong coffee taste, However I challenged myself today for #surprisemeLenovo to try this beverage but in a slightly mixed way in a korean- moroccan style !!

so i used coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it became creamy and then added all to coffee or iced creamy milk  and  i'm  sure  i'd  love  better  soja  milk  next time :)  what  about  you ? 

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