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πŸ’Œ In today's world, it seems that we often look to the famous people for inspiration but what women

in our entourage did have certainly impacted and shaped our life and the life of our families for
generations ! 

For me, nothing is more inspiring than learning from real people who have found
ways of turning obstacles into opportunities for the ones Who’ve figured out ways to be
resourceful when they lack resources ,the ones that fight for their rights and beliefs!
But it doesn't mean that I like activists or self proclaimed feminists,those who are defining
oneself as right against someone else who is wrong!

 I Appreciate those who take action but are not special beings!! And I am personally grateful for having been shown throughout my life how to cope with and learn from the difficulties in this journey! 
While neither of these inspiring women around me had fame nor fortune some not even school education, There were a lot of women that impacted my life !! although I've never tried to copy their path! I kinda just feel like I took a little piece of anyone I meet,read or hear about ! to complete my
personality puzzle !!

 I always appreciated the courage of my grandmother, the creativity of my mother,the smile
and charity of a neighbor, the perseverance of my sisters, the freedom of my friends, the style of a
stranger, I appreciate even the women who have challenged me, the one that didn't like me .... because i'm not complete either !

To be honest I can't name that One person that inspires me,I believe that no one is
perfect but I’m thankful to each woman that is completing that puzzle of
being “Me” today ! 
Thank you
 shukran πŸ’Œ

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