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I am truly happy to announce my partnership with a label  that strives to do things differently and consistently doing  better!
So here we go for a new adventure  with the brand Lenovo!

To kick start of this collaboration! Each month i'll be receiving a mystery box with a challenge! and i’ve received one a few days ago, inside some cute notes and accessories and most importantly My first challenge : “Draw my Life ” so I'll have to share my journey with you soon:)
moreover, I've got one of their latest product   lenovo yoga C930 !!

I guess a  Tech brand and me as a fashion designer may not be the most obvious of pairings. But if you think about it, we  have a few important things in common,as a designer and entrepreneur I use technology everyday! we both are in the business of creativity and innovation and both value luxury and Social Responsibility!

I've been first in contact with the middle east team, and then  the moroccan team and both are very down to earth and proud to be  working under a label that strive to do things differently and consistently doing  better—for their communities ,employees and the environment.
This can be seen through many initiatives,  from the Greener, lighter packaging using bio-based packaging made from bamboo and sugarcane fiber,To the multi diversity of the  employees...

These shared values are exactly why this collaboration  campaign makes more sense for me!  
I wanted  to have a creative and authentic collaboration to shape our shared values of creativity, technological innovation and style!! 

challenge  accepted! So keep watching #surprisemeleno instagram.com/lenovo_me

Who's curious to know more ?

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