Slow fashion business model #casestudy

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//Case study// slow fashion business model.
The current fast fashion model has had a lot of negative social and environmental impacts. Concerns over these impacts have grown, causing more attention to be paid to the fashion industry. Especially after the New Report that Suggests a High Likelihood of Human Civilization is Coming to an End’ Starting in 2050 ! that Humans are causing a massive shift in the ecology of the Earth. This is more obvious in some places than others.actually I do think that we have Caused significant changes in natural ecosystems,but we’ve also created entirely new ones!
I do believe that life was always like that in all civilisations,some destruct and others create but it’s an other subject !
In the actual economy system,an increasing number of consumers demand products that are produced in a way that is not harmful to the environment or the employees who made it.Slow fashion that is locally produced, offers a counterbalance to lot of the negative effects related to the industry. However, as a Moroccan brand producing clothes locally in morocco is not yet done that much in contrast to lot of countries abroad,furthermore Morocco is based on subcontracted production, so it's not easy to have a transparent values in the supply chain. but i believe that Sustainable fashion is not another trendy bubble,I think this model will expand in future!!
So here meeting emlyon business school_campus_casablanca With Bidaya, to share
my project with business school students as a case study,an occasion to get students
interested in fashion sector and a way to analyse and find out what best practices are regarding the Business Model Canvas.

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