Common Ground

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For its 2020 cruise collection, the label Dior packed its bags for Marrakech,Morocco! Destination
for artists, poets, writers and eternal adventurers!
The show  took place  at Palais Bahia.The cruise represents a way of being guided by
the memory of the House and Christian Dior’s first successor,Yves Saint Laurent,
a native of Oran who was fascinated by Morocco.

Models present creations by Christian Dior 2020 cruise show (AFP/Getty Images)
Scrolling down on my Instagram I was half fig half grape !! Yeke ! again a brand appropriating  the Moroccan culture! moreover using a wax that maybe is not even African!! Though everybody seems happy  to assist to some fashion events in the country network and meet icons !

Afterward I've discovered  that some Moroccan designers like  bouchra boudoua, sumano,Pathe 'o  collaborating with label, so i thought Alright at least the brand was a little bit fair to embark  local craftsmanship in the event! After that I researched the topic and inspiration of the collection.The creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri

explained  that it's a cultural exchange between the codes of Dior and the pan-African craftsmanship that she has always admired and wanted to highlight.
Eventually I think this is a first step in the industry  promoting some of the army behind a label !

“Culture teaches us to live together, teaches us that we’re not alone in the world, that other people have different traditions and ways of living that are just as valid as our own.” The quote from Tahar Ben Jelloun's book Racism Explained to My Daughter

Lastly the  cat walk stealing the show  summed up everything!! Nature,values are  more powerful than fashion!
It's not where the clothes are made!  It is about Who Made it !

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