Innovative ways to close the loop in fashion

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Currently, the economy follows a linear way of production and consumption with little regard for the environmental consequences it imposes!

whenever i talk about circular fashion process ( slow fashion,Eco friendly and especially recycle,up-cycle,mending ...) people think only about some boring craft projects ! but the circular game is more elevated than that!

 circular fashion is based on three principles:
  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems
The list is long of brands and projects inspiring me in the sector ! but here few projects 
around the world that are tackling waste in exciting and innovative ways to close the loop : 

The Ioncell process utilizes a solvent called ionic liquid to dissolve cellulose. In the dissolved state, cellulose can be transformed into strong fibers using the dry-jet wet spinning technology. The only chemicals applied are the non-toxic ionic liquid and water. They are both re-circulated in the process in a closed loop.


Have designed the ultimate upcycling material, ink created using carbon air pollution.AIR-INK the first ink made entirely out of air pollution. After capturing air-pollution through pilot trials of KAALINK and other pollution source.

Is tackling social change through fashion. The London-based designer believes social and environmental issues go hand in hand – focusing her collections on social causes such as the UK’s hidden hunger problem as well as women’s rehabilitation. Using one hundred percent sustainable materials – Bethany takes food waste and recycled cardboard, turning them into hand woven vibrant clothing whilst advocating for sustainable fashion production.

Freitag were definitely ahead of the curb when it comes to using recycled materials to create fashion using truck tarpaulins, bicycle tubes and seat belts to create a sturdy, waterproof bag to protect their creative work.
Freitag has not only committed to the circular, closed-loop economy but is also organized in circles: in 2016, abandoned the classical hierarchical structure and replaced it with Holacracy, a form of organization based on freitag brothers develop 100% Biodegradable Fabrics.

Schmidt takashi undertake a laborious process of collecting discarded and used clothing in their custom made containers. Each collected item is carefully washed and ironed, then assigned an identification number, identifying the former owner, the color, material and style is catalogued, and archival photographs taken. All the information from the archiving and photographing of each donated item is then saved in a small RFID transponder, basically a simple digital number chip, which can be read with an RFID reader; simple technology available on most smart phones as an application download. RFID tags are quite robust, and can easily withstand washing, so each uniquely numbered item has the relevant RFID tag sewn into it, which can be access at anytime to learn its history, as well as to track its new life.


The mission of Zero waste daniel is to tackle and change industry norms by reimagining design and creation without waste using Reroll technique creating flat textile goods made from cutting room scraps.


 Takes old clothing and creates completely new yarn for new clothing. Its process uses solvent to turn cottons and other fabrics into pulp which it then extrudes 
through a fine filter.
same goes for  the brand OSOM

Is a lifestyle brand forged from the spirit of Mottainai (勿体無い); a Japanese value that embraces one to waste nothing and recycle everything.The boutique is famous for its “Boro” pieces, one-of-a-kind garments made from damaged vintage wear that is then patched by hand with decades-old fabric.

presents a vegan luxury sneakers made from real coffee a new fiber coming out of Taiwan that uses recycled coffee grinds. Big names like North Face, Puma and Timberland are already using it!


Vegan Alternative from BioCouture ,the atelier has explored the use of living cultures of microorganisms (yeast and bacteria) to grow biomaterials like cellulose into sustainable, compostable clothing.


Based in the southern city of Porto,Alegre makes its vegan-friendly sapatos from a blend of vintage clothing, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and reclaimed rubber. Everything is produced locally in small batches.

REPRIVE turns the unwanted plastic into a fibre, which can then be taken to a fabric mill and woven into fabric.

have created a new kind of leather grown rapidly from mycelium and agricultural byproducts in a carbon-negative process. the custom-engineered material is sustainable, versatile, and animal–free. performs like leather.

creates low cost, and highly scalable bio-fibers made entirely from food-crop waste.
The Company has developed a closed loop processing system called The Agraloop Bio-RefineryTM, capable of converting the residual biomass remaining after the harvest of food crops such as oil seed grains like flax/hemp, and tropical leaf fibers from fruits such as banana and pineapple, etc, into valuable and versatile bio-fibers that are applied to supplement cotton, used in a wide range of applications.


The brand creates sustainable fabric from mycelium, the roots of mushrooms, called MYCOTEX .


Has created a T-shirt that cleans the air through a specially designed insert.

Celia Pym Is a textile artist who employs mending to communicate,Through carefully darning, knitting and embroidering people’s cloth, Celia Pym creates intimate works like Where Holes Happens that speak to the human experience and interrogates our feelings towards vulnerability, care and repair.

BYSSUS by Chiara Vigo

Silk is usually made from the cocoons spun by silkworms - but there is another, much rarer, cloth known as sea silk or byssus, which comes from a clam. this Sea silk was produced in the Mediterranean region from the large marine bivalve mollusc Pinna nobilis until early in the 20th century.

Chiara Vigo is thought to be the only person left who can harvest it, spin it and make it shine like gold.

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