When Moroccan Fashion meets music

by - 5:49 PM

Part of our Moroccan education at least  in  my generation we learned to work alone to study alone and  not share our knowledge with others !! 
but Collaborating is important not just because it's a better way to learn! it is part of equipping ourselves for effectiveness, innovation and life-long learning in an ever-changing networked economy ! and I think  Morocco needs more collaborations in all sectors !
therefore I believe that to develop the artistic scene, especially in music or cinema,styling can play a big role in developing creativity more challenges & ultimately more opportunities  on the ground !
For that I appreciate the band Malca that always comeback with a fresh Moroccan style in music and visuals.

Malca is a Moroccan  singer living between Casablanca and Paris. In his last video clip "Casablanca Jungle" he shows the  multi-faceted Casablanca street and the clip filled with other  young people wearing their Gucci T-shirt ,imitation brand  clothing and enjoying chaabi music.
 as well as in the clip "ya lil " where the singer is proudly wearing a Moroccan designer 's outfit .

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