Tribal Moroccan rugs

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With the global  eco styles on the rise, there’s increased demand for Moroccan tribal rugs  for well-crafted or vintage!!
and actually i'm one of those so absessed about rugs ! I grow up in a traditional family where we have a loom at home and I've always found it so  fun to play with the wool.

 In Morocco, we speak of Hembel or handira to designate these woven wool carpets, which serve as coats, blankets and floor mats. But the word kilim is universally known, and easier to memorize.
For a nomad, carpets are, the first, see the only piece of furniture,after the camel wool woven tent. From the khaïmas (Berber tents) of the Atlas to the rich palaces Glaouis or Fassis, the carpets are numerous, mellow, colorful, richly decorated. It covers the floor, where it can be stacked in several layers, in winter the it is hung on the walls to protect the cold tiles, they cover the couches, the beds...the smallest can also be used as clothes like Handira of Aït Hadiddou.In the past, there was a loom in every family, where the girls prepared their wedding trousseau.

Today, part of the manufacturing is done by cooperatives, workshops, especially in Tazenakht, but in the countryside, or in the tent of the nomads, many women still weave carpets, for themselves and their families, or for an income not insignificant. Outside Tazenakht, other cooperatives, such as Agouim's, also produce quality carpets.
There are are around forty-five different tribal groups, each of which has distinctive designs and sometimes varying weaving and embroidery styles .the most popular tribal weaving traditions: Azemmour,AzilalBeni MguildBeni OurainBoucherouitekilim and Tuareg mats.

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