DIY face mask

by - 10:24 PM

you know me I love natural products, especially in beauty treatments ,it's healthy and fun ! and been asked on Instagram for my skin routine and decided to share with you some of my favorite !

To tone my face & feel energized,I like to use coffee and milk Diy once in every 2 weeks, I enjoy to drink coffee and there is always coffee ground leftover that I use to scrub my body, it's amazing and reduce cellulite but also mixed with milk is a real pleasure for the face it makes the skin luminous and feels baby soft, and smells good!

what I use:
2 small spoons of coffee or coffee ground leftover
1,5  small spoon of milk 
mix it all and apply it as a face mask  for 15 mins and rinse it .

please Note that Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to varying natural ingredients.You might feel a slight tingling at first ,but it should not cause any irritation or discomfort whatsoever. I have never had a bad reaction from this mask but  If you experience any discomfort,remove it . 

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