Yorodehe Abidjan

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I've been Invited to take part of the 4 th edition of the festival YORODEHE ( as a moroccan designer and one of the 3 winners of "Edition limitée" first edition)  orginized by OULI Patricia .

 The event was held at the WAFOU Abidjan Hotel on 28 July 2017, with other designers  from various countries including Burkina Faso (Moussa SAMBARÉ and  Benjamin Kombelemsigri), Cameroon (Augustine Mabiama), Ivory coast  (Barros Coulibaly, Tra Dieudonné, Roger Bango and Ange Koffa, Isabelle Andoh Vieyra Ysand OULI Patricia) and Senegal (Abdoul Lahad Guèye).

This fourth edition of the Festival Yôrôdéhé, which presents the different winners of the previous  limited editions of the OIF, aims to highlight all fashion designers,the craftsmanship of local artisans, the african  designers,To identify the key players in the market for the commercialization of creations, and To develop business opportunities for the Export of woven textile "pagne".

photo by model225 

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