Road trip: Bretagne

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Writing this post brings back many sweet memories of my trip with my sister by car from Paris to brittany. We spent our days driving on country roads that took us through a beautiful landscapes .It was mid-june  the weather was still cool and made it pleasant for us to roam and wander  in Saint malo , Cancale ,Dinard The three cities  are really within easy reach of each other,...however  we had a rain shower  in the streets of Dinan city in the last day of our 4 days trip and a beautiful rainbow on our way back home.(for the ones who want to take a TGV train there is an option from the Paris Montparnasse station to Rennes, and then take a bus from Rennes to Mont Saint Michel (about 60 kilometers). 

Brittany, "Bretagne" lying in the northwest corner of France, is one of the great historic provinces of France. Brittany is proud of its Celtic heritage, that sets it apart from the rest of France.The name "Brittany" derives from the Britons who, back in the Dark Ages, came south across the English Channel to seek refuge from the Anglo Saxon invaders who were pushing them out of a large part of the island of Great Britain.
it is one of those destinations where the longer you spend in one place, the more there seems to be to discover.

Mont saint michel is a Breathtaking beauty,this unusual little place makes for a refreshing day trip from Paris – a brief escape from the busyness of city life. Plus, it’s probably the only time you’ll be able to say you could drive right up to an island – no ferries or swimming required.
The islet, Mont Saint-Michel was built in a strong rock that measures 84 meters height. It is pure granite and is so hard that has resisted the passage of time. it has small houses and shops on its lowest level. Above these stand the monastic buildings, many of which date from the 13th century and are considered outstanding examples of Gothic architecture. The entire islet is crowned by the abbey church, about 73 m above sea level.

one hour and half by car from mont st michel,we drove to the north of Cancale early to be ready for the walk in pointe grouin and cap frehel a peninsula in Côtes-d'Armor, in northern Brittany,which extends off the Côte d'Émeraude into the Golf de Saint-Malo. No towns or villages are situated on the peninsula; however, two lighthouses, one from the 17th century and the other one from 1950, are located at the tip of it. The Cap is located 8.5 km from the town centre of Fréhel.The peninsula is surrounded mainly by cliffs, which make it difficult to access it via sea. The whole of the undulating terrain is covered in moorland and marshes, which make it difficult to construct any structure on the site.Cap Fréhel gives its name to Cape Freels when sailors from Newfoundland begin to fish Atlantic cod.The views are stunning arround ! Once you get closer to Fort Latte in the end of the cliff the landscape changes to be a bit more rocky,however when you turn back and find yourself walked more than 7km you can only be proud of yourself !

 a lunch reward  for the long walk at "la pointe du grouin "

The City of Cancale is known and recognized for its oyster farming.
Along the Port of Houle a multitude of restaurants Beautiful hiking and biking in the bay of Cancale to the tip of Grouin.Cancale is only a few kilometers from saint malo a small town of character with its inescapable pirate town called Intra-Muros, where you will find shops of all kinds and for all tastes, restaurants of the small brewery through the pancake to gourmet. .. yummmm

You can also contemplate a unique architecture and stroll along the ramparts to admire Saint-Malo.

you can't not miss the sandy beaches and coves side Rotheneuf and Enjoy the sea, but also water sports such as surfing or catamaran ...

while walking in saint malo we come across maison general  Everything is there, furniture, mainly of great Italian brands, and moroccan products toold carpets, Kilims, Vintage... passing by the lights or linens ...a real ali baba cave

the last day in Dinan and Dinard ,

Dinan is gorgeous but unfortunately I lost the rest of my photos from france trip  :( anyway The bit at the river is nice & then you have the piece de resistance of the upper town in all its glory; well worth a day of anyone's time.

                                                                 Happy yummy travels :)

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