Craftsmanship : visit inside ateliers Lesage & Lemarié for Chanel

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A visit inside the ateliers of Chanel : Lesage and Lemarié

Inside the building many workshops are connected and incredibly organized,I was so surprised to see many young artisans, most of them are from different backgrounds,they learned inside the workshop and few from fashion schools but all very passionate !!
 Lemarié is specialized in feather and flower creations for luxury fashion houses not only for channel, and  produces handmade flowers, such as CHANEL’s iconic camellias. 

Lemarié's expertise also encompasses dressmaking in its truly unique workshop where smocking, pleats and ruffles are elaborately handcrafted at the request of the most prestigious houses in fashion.
meanwhile Lesage create opulent embroidery requiring countless hours of work and exceptional skills for Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and accessories since its creation in 1924. The company founded an embroidery school in 1992 that welcomes those who are passionate about embroidery from all over the world.
Lesage became part of CHANEL’s Métiers d’art in 2002

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