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Most would agree that just any time is a wonderful time to be in Paris, just when you think you've seen everything, you find new attractions, new cafés or new markets to explore. 
i get easily fascinated with people and places, i like paris but there are some things i can't figure out but anyway the most great thing about paris for me is its rich and outstanding history ,it was since the 18th century  an important centre of finance, commerce, fashion , science arts... and it  stills today, art is everywhere, many museums, sculptures,street art...
 it's a great place for art lovers !! the people are nice but not so bubbly, often a little more reserved and formal in their manners than in other cities in france ! I think much of the charm of paris is simply walking the streets and absorving the ambiance.but if you don't have your eyes riveted on the sidewalk as you walk, you will have a nasty surprise on your shoes ;)

here some photos of places I've visited 

                                                      Palais de Tokyo

Beyond the walls of the Palais de Tokyo, there are many opportunities to experience poetry, performance, and contemporary art 

                                           The arts decoratif:  Korea now !

More than four hundred works by a hundred artists show the diversity of korea’s artistic crafts, ranging from artisans using ancient techniques to the technological innovations of the young generation.

                                                Jeu de Paume 

cité de la mode 
The City of Fashion and Design, is a building located at the site of the old general storehouses on the quai d'Austerlitz in Paris.designed by architects Jakob + MacFarlane and is one of the most remarkable contemporary monuments of Paris with its bold architecture.

                                         L'institut du monde arabe 

Grand mosque of Paris 

The mosque was founded in 1926 as a token of gratitude, after World War I, to the Muslim tirailleurs from France's colonial empire, of whom some 100,000 died fighting against Germany. The mosque was built following themudéjar style, and its minaret is 33 meters high. It was inaugurated by President Gaston Doumergue on 15 July 1926. Ahmad al-Alawi (1869–1934) led the first communal prayer to inaugurate the newly built mosque in the presence of the French president. He was an Algerian Sufi, founder of the modern Sufi order Darqawiyya Alawiyya, a branch of the Shadhiliyya whose original founder is a Moroccan Sufi.
During World War II (when France and Paris were occupied by Nazi Germany), the rector Si Kaddour Benghabrit managed the mosque to serve as a secret refuge for Algerian and European Jews. He ensured they were provided shelter, safe passage, and fake Muslim birth certificates to protect them from German persecution.[1]
Initially sponsored by the king of Morocco, the mosque was assigned to Algeria in 1957 by the French Foreign Minister. The mosque is currently led by mufti Dalil Boubakeur.(source Wikipedia)
The Paris mosque has a great garden  tea room,restaurant and Hammam where you can enjoy a massage .

Pavillon des canneaux 

Pavillon des canneaux is a coffee shop and workplace in the same time,it is  very inspiring and relaxing house , thanks to my friend Hiroko ( a kimono designer based in Paris ) who showed me this lovely spot !

Gaité lyrique 

La Gaîté lyrique is the place for cultures in the digital age. 

                                                            in the streets of paris

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