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                                                   CASABLANCA STYLE

 Last satutrday 1st november I had the opportunity and the pleasure to join the Speakers  Dr Magda Sibley (Architecture)& Dounia Safouane (Design and Fashion) in a seminar held @ Victoria and Albert Museum by Noor festival to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, history, architecture and fashion and its unique position between East and West as a catalyst for style.

"Casablanca was immortalised in the 1942 film of the same name and is the largest city of Morocco. The city is changing dramatically and nowhere is this transformation more apparent than fashion and architecture: From the 1960s in the aftermath of independence and a wave of designers who looked beyond the city to international fashion trends, to the 1990s when Moroccan fashion succeeded in gaining popularity in the Middle East. Contemporary designers are now exploring fashion against a backdrop of global change and a city undergoing reinvention."

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