Sustainable developement ( part 1)

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3 weeks ago i've participated to "Limited edition" residency in Abidjan organised by IOF (International Organisation of la Francophonie )  with Eight francophones designers .

As part of its programme 2014, the Francophonie invests and supports professional designers in the  the textile sector (luxury craft,fashion and textile arts) .
the programme aims to  Facilitate our access to specific high-level training and to promote research, artistic creation, traditional knowledge and innovation in these disciplines.
all together we've spent 2 weeks of hard work and great moments at  Pathe'o 's workplace one of the best  leaders and pioneer of high fashion in Africa and we've had the chance to meet other successful designers based in abidjan. 

After the master class, each designer showed 5 silhouettes, for a public presentation in Abidjan and next step is a fashion show that will be held in Dakar in November at the fifteenth Francophonie Summit.


with the designer delegation 

meeting street artisans

little talk with pathe'o s artisan .

 meeting Gilles Toure local designer.

 local fabric
 meeting local designer "Ciss st moise "

 tv show
meeting the founder of a local fashion school 

our beautiful model and guide

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