the sociology of fashion and lifestyle

by - 6:12 PM

 As a consumer, there are a lot of choices when it comes to shopping.  One of those choices is whether to shop at a locally-owned store or a nationally-owned chain.

 With this post i just want to share with you my lifestyle, attitude and my style statement, not as a designer but as a consumer ,
All along  these 2 years I've been taking many photos  of my daily look, illustrating Moroccan community of  small business and poor jobs,because I just prefer to spend my money at  those inspiring places, support my community and communicate with those people rather than going to big stores and helping rich people get richer.

 with a belief that fashion it's not just about garments. More than the clothing we wear it is a life experience,a behavior.

( for more photos  please check out my instagram account @-ghitta-)

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