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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 hello all ,
last week , Gwen Leung, a senior traveler journalist from Hong Kong Apple Daily newspaper,which is the best-selling Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong and Macau apparently it has more than 300,000 physical copied of circulation and 40,000,000 click rate on the Internet everyday!!hell yeah I'm jealous ,I hope some day I can have that amount of traffic on my blog !
 well the journalist contacted me and told me  that she's  sailing to Casablanca , that she would like to interview me and  write about fashion design in morocco,and she hopes that i can  take her to some fashion designers shops to discover the modern moroccan creativity and talk to designers, I said yeah !! no problem and we made an appointement for the next day but I've just forgot the fact that there is no designers shop in casablanca !! or maybe there is some new but i don't know about them  and there is no moroccan designers database  ... so once i've met her i've just made appointement with my fashion friends to whom  i'm thankful for their good spirits and for time to talk about fashion design in morocco nowadays .
she took some streetshot and snaps of me and my friends  and some guys were harsh and so mean! they didn't want us to take photos and that's an other story of all the hard time we have here as a designer and as a girl in casablanca !!
As a designer we face many obstacls, of course we design,however, a large portion of our time is spent on  marketing and selling our products  and the hardest thing for a moroccan designers,on one hand is the fact that fashion design in Morocco has for a long time been trapped in traditional conventions and on the other hand we import most prestigious labels and wear all trends !! but no one is interested in contemporary local clothing products, we are just few moroccan contemporary designers,who want to break with that ! and to be honest i really still don't get why we encourage foreigner labels instead of the  moroccan ones,maybe  it's the historical impact anyway more important it's time to think global and act local.

 Actually most of what moroccan buy is "fast fashion" especialy french or spanish brands what makes me laugh , it's the fact that it's just  made  in the corner of casablanca city with less quality than what is sold in europe or elswhere,and those consumer are happy to wear it and have no consious about cultural or economic developments ! 
 I think we have a long way  to expand the contemporary Moroccan fashion trend and local culture because we need more people to debate this,even magazines and newspapers here don't talk about those facts and just feature latest western names and trends ...we ar in  need of more sponsors believing in moroccan talents ,we have a lot of talented passionate people but we are stuck , without money to start,no places to showcase our work and  it's really a shame that the only platform for us " casablanca fashionweek " that started a few years ago been  canceled this year on her 7th edition !!!... we have no managers or platforms to help us  so we can focus our energy only on creativity,in addition  there is no local comptitions to encourage all those fashion students  that graduate every year! most of them changed their career or just opted for a career in  traditional clothes. 
I spent 4 years only to understand what’s going on in this community,I was really thinking to give up,i've  took a break time to think about it carefully,that helped me to make up my mind to restart,I thought it's better to persever and try to find  ideas on how  to promote my brand by my own, i'm Checking out all the time new media  outlets and blogs maybe those tools will  help me find  much opportunities out there for my brand’s exposure,I know nothing about "business" and just started to Read and learn about it through magazines newspapers and people's stories anyway I'm sure gonna  find ways to educate myself as an entrepreneur and allow my  brand to thrive maybe it's a dream but i love to believe in my dream .

soon  i'm having a new interview "follow up career " with a journalist from USA  that followed my work and life style last year and she will be back here again to see how things are progressing !

stay tuned for a new story :)

Gwen leung journalist  from hong kong, Joseph oushen street fashion photographer and me

                                  with Yassine morabit fashion designer

                         with fashion students


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