printed label for clothing (DIY)

by - 11:13 PM

hello dear readers !
hope you are doing well !

 it's been a long time that I haven't shared with you a DIY  tutorial , so maybe this one can interest you ,

lately I couldn't find someone that can make just a  small quantity of  label clothing ,so I've just thought making them by my self  at home .
hope it helps you too, if you want to make a printed label and I think that could be fun  to print something for kids or for  you and sew it on a t-shirt ....anyway that can be a root for other ideas :) 

                   1. first of all I've chose a thin fabric and  iron it on a vlieseline
                   2. then I've cut the fabric on A4 size,

 3.I've already made a document on "word " . i've put it in a printer and printed like any sheet of paper (just be careful to iron well the fabric ) the idea is just to keep it solid like it can roll easily in the printer.

 4.once printed I've cut the label's name

5 .and last step I  removed the vlieseline .

I've spent like 2 hours to make more than 100 pieces , and cost me less than 130 dhs for materials.the result turned out good and I'm satisfied :)

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