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I joined instagram last february  simply because it's more easy to share my daily work and lifestyle ,
what inspire me and also to follow other people inspiring .
I wasn't really into phoneography  till I discovered some collective and especially  "Tiitswi" one , means (" tout de suite " /(right now ) ,it's a  moroccan phoneographers collective , founded by Raphael liais  who invited me to submit my photos to the collective then i've become a member a few weeks ago .

 Through the collective, Raphael's ambition is to give an intimate view and a new look of a daily Morocco from inside .More than just sharing a photo it's sharing a story because each photo submitted by a member of the group is accompanied by a text that presents it and tells a story.

I'm proud and honored to share with you my "phoneography " work ,some of them are submited to the collective tiitswi ,I invite to take a look into instagram @tiitswi for more inspiring photos from other phoneographers .

photo collab : edit by Raphael liais and photo by me 


check out my instagram for more photos  @ghitta111

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