cave friouato

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          Here is my conceptual portrait photography by Imane djamil ,since my work is about sustainability and she wanted to try to combine nature and fashion we thought it will be a good idea to take this  opportunity and  make a photoshoot while we are traveling .

the first shoot was at friouatou located at the natinal park tazekka about 30 km from taza city , Morocco.
The farthest explored known point is about 272 meters, but its real limits are still mysterious. This deep cavern is the main attraction of the Jebel Tazzeka circuit.Gouffre de Friouato was first explored by Norbet Casteret in the year 1930 and, thanks to his efforts, the caves can now be enjoyed by many.

          Arrived to taza city  me and imane took a taxi that costed us both about 40 Dhs .The road leading to the Friouato Caves is quite steep, but is fortunately tarred for most of the way.
All guests and visitors to the caves must be lead by a guide who will take them safely through the cave system it costs 300 dhs /person , or 20 dhs to see just the  gaping mouth ,where we did the shoot .
we needed a hundred meters to descend down , the temparuture changed and we wasn't expecting that it was so cold inside!!also there is a little rocky and slippery areas form part of the cave ,however we enjoyed it ! Gouffre du Friouato is definitely worth the visit. it's an amazing experience we felt that time stopped inside  !!!!!
           to go back to taza town we called a taxi but we had to pay "korsa" like 2 travels or more from taza to friouato , the first driver that brought us asked for 150 dhs but with the help of friouato's  guide who called somone else and we made it for 70 dhs , and all the way the taxi driver was enjoying Rai music as expected  in all the rif area, personally I don't like Rai but obviousely in a white taxi and on the road it has a different taste we had much fun to listen to the lyrics , the taxi driver was happy that we are enjoying it and started to talk about his music's  list and played them all till we arrived to the new taza center .

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  1. I really appreciate the description, i feel like i was there with you, from taking the taxi to the gaping mout then listening Rai's music

    i also love the pictures Fantastic shot! Beautiful color,lights and detail!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing short trip

    1. thanks ACIM for your comment , i really apreciate it !!! actually i'm not good at english but I tried my best to explain in details hopefully in case somebody want to go there can be prepared ^^

  2. Oh! I visited this cave last year ! You're right, It's an amazing experience, It was like an adventure for me... I needed a jacket but didn't find It xD By the way, you took very beautiful photos ! *.*

    1. THANK YOU :) and glad you enjoyed the cave :)