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the Unreasonable At Sea team met local entrepreneurs from the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship and TEDxCasablanca for a lively session of networking and creative exercises including blindfolded painting.

few days ago they made also a stop at Studio IWA to meet designers and explain their project :

they are a team of creatif people : students, tech entrepreneurs, and global thought-leaders who are currently circumnavigating the globe on a ship with unreasonable at sea ,Their shared ambition is to leverage design-thinking and entrepreneurship to solve the grand challenges of our time. exposing them to 13 international markets, and restricting them to the close quarters of a ship, will yield uncommon and incredibly powerful results… the type that can have a positive dent on history. 

one of the projects result is "protei hackaton" they were sailing around the world  for 4 months at sea  stopping in San Diego, Ensenada , Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco and now Spain 
Protei is about an Open Hardware Shape Shifting Sailing Robot to explore and clean the oceans. In order to address the scale and complexity of the issues in the ocean – Oil Spills, Plastic pollution, radioactivity, overfishing, Coral reef mapping, red tides and climate change.
what is amazing about their project every time they stop in a coutry they make workshops to and show people how to DIY the sailing robot .

(photo by studio iwa)

               (photo by studio iwa)                

                                   here is the video to learn more about this invention

    In the same day I had to coach fatima zahra who won on instagram's photo contest by meditel and envol web ( an international company specialized in internet and digital marketing) about my work and sustainable  design .What is great about her is that she has a master in science of biology so it was perfect meeting I learned from her some new things too .

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