korean day

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In the land of morning calm, there are two completely different cultures, one is made of Hanbok, Samulnori and Taekwondo.. Another is particularly defined by the K-pop, K-dramas...etc. In fact, the Korean culture is spreading more and more in the world in general and Morocco in particular (especially among young people).

2 weeks ago CAMCO (Friendship Club Morocco-Korean) was participating to a Moroccan-korean event,CAMCO is a Moroccan Cultural Club, made by students of Korean language, founded to bring together people who are interested in Korean culture in all its aspects without forgetting the Moroccan culture with the aim of :

• Promote Korean culture in Morocco, and promote Moroccan culture in the Republic of Korea.

• Make meetings between people who are interested in these two cultures, to encourage cultural exchange and knowledge.

• Strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries
- Form partnerships and cooperate with other associations and organizations, Moroccan and Koreans, who share the same passion and the same purpose.

  Because I have a keen on asian culture too  for so long time , I've decided to spend some time in the event to meet with my old schoolmates,two of them are members of the camco, so they helped me to learn  some cute hanbok origami !

Thanks my friends for the great fun time ^^

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