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                               food lab "Madeleine de Proust" at Studio IWA with Aya belkahia.

Last friday studio IWA hosted Aya belkahia ,
she is 23,graduated from Cordon Bleu school in Paris, Aya worked with the greatest conductors in places as famous as The Crillon Le Fouquet's or Potel & Chabot. She returned to Morocco in June and decided to create Madeleine de Proust in  Casablanca.
she  invited me to taste  some cakes ,at first I said NO I can't destroy her amazing work ,it was so cute and perfectely done ! but then I couldn't resist to taste it!(unless I lost my mind  XD )then the monster inside me couldn't stop to taste more and MORE !!!

After tweeting some photos I made a lot of haters friends ^^  so i want to say sorry guys  I know this is heartless XD

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