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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moroccan paper packing for sugar:
 well first of all I'll tell you a little about sugar , It's a Moroccan tradition to give the sugar cones instead of  flowers as gifts to mark family events. we give carton of sugar cones upon new births, and also  to pay condolences .

Sugar is sold in a variety of forms in Morocco.Known as qaalib al-sukar in Arabic ("molded sugar"), and pain de sucre in French ("loaf of sugar"), it's the preferred sugar for sweetening Moroccan tea.  it not only has a better taste than regular sugar, it's the secret to creating a frothy head or "turban" on the tea when it's poured.

I like the prints on the sugar packing paper ,i use it to pack small things or as an envelope for small gifts , 


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