"look book" workshop

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 3 days of coaching ,3 days of feeding the spirit and the soul that's how I've spent  my time  in the workshop "look book" organized by  Casablanca Fashion Week and AKSAL group .

the work shop occurs to help designers and learn the perfect way to make a book and look book ,
because it's a must have these days ,it's the only universal language that can introduce a designer and deal with  industrials, press ,photographers or any other part of people we designers are confronted in our work .

the coach was Valerie Liais de Rocher a extremely rare gem, I knew her before,she is a person who never talk about her self and I'm a person who don't ask about people's life,every time we met she gives me advices and talk about work ,when she started to introduce her self and later how her training process was perfect I was really like WooOoow she is a real Pro, she really impressed me ,and i think she will play a big part of the new Moroccan fashion 's success story soon :)

a lot of things are getting clear in my mind about my career thanks to the intervention of others professionals like :Valerie Navarro,Joseph ouchen,jamila diani,Jamal abdenassar ,yasmina olfi ,bechar mahfoudi et sylvie richoux.

..it was so much fun with participants Jihan,Meryem,Yamane mehdi ,najlaa,the camera man and jihan the assistant I learned so much from each person .

I took some pictures of the workshop and everything around that I found interesting or funny maybe someday it will inspire me !

 melting pot

some things take time :)

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  1. Big up Ghitta! Hâte de voir ton book lors de l'exposition!!