Fashion designer in residence

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Fashion designer in residence @ "la fabrique culturelle les abattoires"

While talking to a friend "Valerie Liais du rocher "about how is difficult to have my own showroom,and how my home is upside down because of all the materials I have : machines ,fabric,books,thread....
we found that main of young designers don't have a space where to work or work at home ,so she told me why not ask '' la fabrique culturelle les abattoires '' for a room because she heard that a musician had one there.
That's how the idea for a residency started, "la fabrique culturelle " appreciated the idea and give us two rooms ,one for me and one for  Mehdi filali khessouane who joined the project  + more  space at "les anciens abattoires" for exhibitions,videos about our work ,workshop....
we had never a fashion residency here,that's why me and Mehdi are positive about this project,we believe that share makes work better!
so stay tuned for the event in October ,we will share with you all the results,and other cool projects coming soon ;)

here some photos about the work's progress 
and happy Ramadan for Muslims, peace and love for all :)



 making of dirty pollution video projetct of mehdi khessouane


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