"Nuit de mode " Casablanca

6:01 AM

Hellooooo  :)
Yesterday i had a lot of  fun at "nuit de la mode" by AMC.Mode  ,I exhibited some of my work with 3 others designers :Yamane aladgham ,by Nbel and sisters Harakat ,all installations were cool and interesting,

Each designer had his own world, for me I chose to present my work like a crime scene,in a minimalistic way,the concept is to express that fashion industry and trends somehow are killing us and in the same time it's a way to say that clothes can have a  long life ;)
the dresses are made by men's shirts and handmade knitting.

cool people in the event!

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  1. Hey Ghitta nice creative art installation yesterday, it was so great, as a crime scene with dead corpses, like it so much, congrats :)



  2. Hey sweet girl,thanks a lot <3, by the way it was nice to see in real,happy that you enjoyed the night ;)

  3. It was a wowful night ! i love it sooo much ! :D
    by the way Gitta you'rz awesome :D and a lovely person so happy to meet you !:D
    well done keep on !! :D
    leila ! xoxo

    1. hey you ! happy that you've enjoyed the night,and thanks for your kind words pretty girl,it was my pleasure to meet you:)
      see you in an other happy time :D